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  • LIVE Devices on PC, Laptop, Mobile & Tablet / Multiple Bitrate / SD & HD Player

    Live Events Streaming - The future of online experiences is here today with the ability to stream / webcast your live events to viewers anywhere in the world. You can take your event to new heights and dimensions by instantly connecting with millions of people across the world in Live and real time environment. Classical Music, Dance, Marvels of Hindu Culture, Popular Hindu Temples, Arangetrams and Spiritual Fair are reaping rich rewards by offering live event webcast on the Internet. fully manages and services your Live Webcast completely and there is no exorbitant cost incurred on equipment and staff. You just need to provide us with the Video feed coming from the single/multiple cameras and we will manage all the aspects of the Live Webcast with little-to-no effort from the customer. Get started with live streaming today with our feature rich solutions!

  • Our Platform Features

    Includes support for live streaming via multiple delivery sources, leveraging
    A video asset management system with publishing tools noted
    Delivery to PC’s , IOS, Blackberry & Android Users
    Top quality technical and customer assistance, during the progress of the event
    Automatic upgrade for improved technology done on the web for optimal bit rate delivery
    Bitrates 300k to 2mbps / Multiple Bitrates
    Video Services – We can provide a single camera operator or a full broadcast crew.
    Live Encoding – We take the audio and videos feeds from the camera and sound desk and encode these signals for re-broadcasting as a live web stream.
    Live Streaming Service – The encoded signal is relayed to our streaming servers and then your viewers can watch your live event via a streaming media player embedded on your website.

  • Live Webcast - Purpose and Benefits

    Webcasting is an exciting way to share your event with people who can’t be there in person. Anyone with an internet connection can see everything that goes on at your event, whether they are across town, across the country, or on the other side of the world. The best part is they don’t even have to wait for the event to be over and recorded. They can watch it live as it happens.

    A webcast is a media file distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology. A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand. Simply put webcasting is nothing but “broadcasting” over the Internet.

    A webcast is similar to watching a live event on TV - you can listen and watch the Speaker or Presenter in real time. However, there are a few added advantages of Webstream’s Webcast Platform over a TV or any other form of broadcast

  • Key Features of Live Webcast

    Complete end to end setup including encoding, streaming and embedding in your website on the webpages of your choice.
    Complete encoding and transcoding of your videos in Single Bit-Rate.
    In case you do not have a website, we provide a webpage with a dedicated URL for your Live Webcast.
    Effective, clear and flawless delivery of Live Video on the web through our robust and world class Global content delivery network.
    We just need video feed from your single/multiple cameras which are capturing the videos.
    Support for Multiple camera feeds.
    Transitions and effects while switching between different cameras.
    We also provide overlays (Titles) on your Live Video like they appear on regular TV.
    No wait for buffering of videos. Video starts playing instantly.
    Latest and most effective Live Streaming technology supported by latest hardware and software.
    100% coverage of the end users irrespective of the type of the operating system, browser, player etc. In short our Video delivery Infrastructure is platform Independent.
    100% secured network delivery of your videos.

  • Broadcasting your Events @ Worldwide

    The basic description of a webcast is: "an internet broadcast of an event". This allows folks who cannot attend an event in person to be spectators of the event by watching it on their Computers, IPAD, Tablet, Mobile on live at home or Travel. A regional or national event is the perfect example of a "webcast able" event because many people would like to be there, but travel, time or expense prohibits them from attending in person.

webcasting is nothing but “broadcasting” over the Internet.